Fun and easy ideas to save time and make therapy at home do-able

For children with movement difficulties

What does MYpHEP stand for?

My Physical Therapy Home Exercise Program

Save Time & Get Organised

  • Activities delivered straight to your inbox weekly. No need to spend time searching, thinking or planning

  • Strategies & tips to work essential exercises into your family routines.

  • Calendars and  activity sheets to help keep you organised

Co-operative Kids

  • MYpHEP activities are designed with your kids in mind. We find things that  work best with therapy activities and are so much fun it won't be long before your child is asking you to do therapy  with them - now there's a fun turn around

Be Effective - See Results

  • MYpHEP gives you the three essential components for neuroplasticity and effective rehabilitation based on brain science:

    • Novelty

    • Repetition

    • Motivation

No Overwhelm or Uncertainty

  • Activities are especially chosen to support a physical therapy home exercise program. You'll know exactly what to do, why and how without a bunch of confusing options

  • There are also easy ways to check in with MYpHEP therapists or other mum’s if you’re unsure about something you’re doing

Stay motivated

  • The weekly emails will remind you what your focus is and why you are doing it

  • Be part of a community of mum’s who know what it takes. Get tips and ideas and help each other stay on track

Fun For The Whole Family

  • Activities will get the whole family having fun together. All the activities are described in easy to understand steps. Older siblings, aunties, grannies and even dad will easily jump on board ... you might even sneak away to catch up on all the other important things you never have time to do.


Established 2016 in partnership with

pediatric physical and occupational therapy