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I love storage. I’m not sure why, but when I see a desk with lots a little cubbyholes or a bag with extra compartments, that’s my version of beautiful. Those space storage solutions never fail to impress me. Not so secretly, I wish I had married a carpenter who could make me brilliant storage that lifted out of the floor or pulled out from the wall and slipped invisibly into the coffee table.

Failing that however, my next best thing is storage hacks. Luckily, I don’t need a clever carpenter husband for this one and neither do you.

Your storage space for MYpHEP will serve you well with just a basket for the bigger things and a container or two for the crafty stuff like tape, glue, scissors and other odds and ends.

Even a few old shoe-boxes will do, but since this months mission is to create a useful MYpHEP Supplies Station area, here are a few storage hacks that will make your storage space really work for you and your HEP smooth sailing.

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WHY: Time, time, time - that’s what everyone wanted to make the HEP easier. That’s a tough one deliver! I don’t know how to help you make more time, but I do know you can save smidgens of time by being able to just pick up what you need and get going. I also know that hunting around for supplies at the end of a busy day or in the general chaos of family life is a sure way to chuck the HEP into the too-hard-basket.

HOW: To save you time and put the HEP in the do-able basket as much as possible, our mission for the month is to create a space where all your supplies that you’ll use for the HEP can go for easy retrieval at short notice.

Have fun getting organized and don't forget to share your clever ideas here.

I'd love to try them out and I bet they'd be helpful for other mum's in the same boat as you!

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