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MYpHEP Goal Getter

Get Weekly Activities Targeted To Your Child's Specific Goals

And Accelerate your Progress

The Goal Getter program incorporates all  the benefits of the Time Saver Program above, with the addition of applying the activities to individualized goals set by you and your therapist (and a few other cool benefits)


We're super excited that you are interested in joining our Goal Getter Program. The program works with individual families and  we are only able to work with a limited number of participants at a time.

Check here to see if  we have a spot open

Want something even more personalized? Find out how to accelerate your child's progress with our Goal Getter Program

MYpHEP Time Saver

I know how it goes. You get a list of exercises from your therapist to help your child reach that next important milestone or prevent those ever threatening complications. If you're a super mum, you diligently plug away at them for a few weeks, but progress is slow, the rest of the family has needs too and when your child no longer wants to play ball because,

lets face it,

it's not that much fun!

Nobody has the energy to keep going with their HEP.


If you're lucky, you're seeing a therapist fairly regularly, but chances are there's long gaps between sessions and there's so many other things competing for your attention. It's a phenomenal ask to keep plugging away at a list of exercises nobody is enjoying.

Here's a fun fact - In a recent study  where they  used computer games to motivate children to do physical therapy exercises, after a few weeks, parents found themselves still having to nag and bribe their kids to do the therapy! Once the novelty wore off, so did the enthusiasm.

Neuroscience tells us that to makes changes in the brain permanent, we have to repeat activities frequently over long periods, but with activities that are novel and interesting AND kids that are motivated (and parents that aren't exhausted - ok, neuroscience hasn't proved this yet, but we all know it's true!)

MYpHEP will help you keep things interesting and everyone motivated, even when you're having to do the same things over and over again.

But we thought that might not be enough to make the HEP do-able.

So we developed MYpHEP Time Saver.

Have activities planned for you every week

and  get your kids loving therapy at home

You Get

  • Printable activity sheets of  exercises with a Weekly Focus targeting a specific area of gross motor skills, based on your child's abilities and diagnosis.

    • A new sheet each week means you're never board and the weekly focus ensures you're getting in a comprehensive physical therapy program for optimum results.

  • Weekly activities and exercises that make Growing Good Body Habits part or your family's routine.

    • We know that kids with physical challenges are at risk for pain and deformity as they grow.  Our primary goal at MYpHEP is to make sure we grow those little bodies with enough care to make happy, healthy teens and adults.

  • Weekly emails with easy to implement ideas for Monthly Missions to make therapy fit into to your and your  child's real world needs -because we're on a mission to make  HEP's do-able.

  • A personalized pre-filled calendar to keep track of what's been done, remind you what needs doing, and who needs to do it. It's like having your own personal assistant helping you stay organized and effective!

  • A private Facebook Group to keep you motivated and connected with like minded souls who know first-hand about the ups and downs of parenting kids who need therapy. Share your successes and get motivated when things get off-track (which they do). Exchange tips and resources, ask questions and get the advice you need  to feel confident and take charge of  your HEP!


Not only does  MYpHEP Time Saver  deliver new activities to you each week, so you and your child are never bored;


But we match the activities and exercises to your child's needs and abilities so you don't have to  to spend time searching, thinking or planning what to do.


And then we pull it all together with monthly habits and a weekly focus to make sure your program covers all the important  components of a physical therapy program to optimise your child's development.